Keynote 1

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Monday 13 May

Teachers as Collaborators with the World of Work,
Ms. Sirpa Laitinen-Väänänen, Finland
Place: Valjakka

Time: 11.00 – 12.00
Description: The collaboration between higher education and the world of work has been one of the development focuses in the education policy in Finland in this decade. This is due to the expanding role of especially universities of applied sciences (UAS) in the regional development. Teachers, students, employees and employers have been seen as the main agents in this collaboration. Especially teachers, from the perspective of employers, are the key facilitators of this collaboration, particularly in the beginning of the process. Due to the expanding role, HE teachers’ competence is challenged. This “new” expertise asks for e.g. social and networking skills, together with the new pedagogical skills and practices. How do the teachers themselves define their role as collaborators? What are challenges and benefits for the teachers in the collaboration? These questions will be discussed in the presentation.

Sirpa Laitinen-Väänänen (PhD) works as a Researcher and as a Principal Lecturer in the School of Professional Teacher Education at JAMK UAS, Jyväskylä. She has an extensive experience from professional higher education institutions as a lecturer, a principal lecturer and a researcher. Her research interest focuses on the interface and the collaboration between higher education institutions and the world of work: its history, forms, and benefits for both sides. Her present research project focuses on the learning ecosystems in higher education field from the perspective of teachers, students and the world of work.