Learning Grammar Can Be Fun, Even When You’re an Adult!

Monday 13 May | Tuesday 14 May | Wednesday 15 May | Thursday 16 May | Friday 17 May

Monday 13 May

Learning Grammar Can Be Fun, Even When You’re an Adult!,
Ms. Eva Jakupcevic, University of Split, Croatia
Place: Room F306

Time: 15.00 – 16.30
Description: When language learners are teenagers and young adults, learning grammar often boils down to learning rules and doing countless gap fill exercises. However, with a little bit of imagination, learning grammar can be fun, creative and can cater to everyone’s need for exploration and inquisitiveness. In this workshop, I will demonstrate methods that I use when teaching an ESP course for students doing a degree in Preschool Education. As a mixed-ability course, focused largely on grammar, it needs to be both interesting for the higher-proficiency students and motivating for the lower-proficiency students. This is where games and inquiry-based methods come into play (pun intended) and bring the classes alive! For the duration of the workshop, the teachers will become the students, they will explore, exchange information, play and try out fun grammar activities first-hand. Together we will evaluate the activities while sharing ideas and experiences at the same time. Let’s get our game faces on and make grammar exciting!