Are Your Students Interculturally Competent?

Monday 13 May | Tuesday 14 May | Wednesday 15 May | Thursday 16 May | Friday 17 May

Thursday 16 May

Are Your Students Interculturally Competent?,
Ms. Vesna Lazovic, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Place: B4-20

Time: 13.00 – 14.30
Description: Teachers are nowadays confronted with the urgent need to help students overcome cultural barriers and prepare them for living and working in multicultural environments. It is often quite challenging to motivate them to step out of their comfort zones and spark their interest in exploring different cultures. The proposed workshop centres around the activities that can help students develop their intercultural competence and raise their intercultural awareness. By awakening their curiosity, these activities can motivate students to become active explorers, to venture into the unknown worlds and to make their own inferences about complex intercultural issues. Such enriching learning experience presents the foundation stone for acquiring any new cultural knowledge later in their lives as well. During the workshop participants will learn about basic theoretical concepts, discuss and evaluate different activities and tasks, and finally, try to summarize tips and tricks with regard to teaching the intercultural content (e.g. task evaluation, classroom management, suggestions to a novice teacher, potential problems, etc.).