Merits of Using the Project Method: Arousing Curiosity and Enhancing Involvement in Teaching and Learning ESP

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Tuesday 14 May

Merits of Using the Project Method: Arousing Curiosity and Enhancing Involvement in Teaching and Learning ESP,
Ms. Viktória Pajor, Budapest Business School, Hungary
Place: Room F306

Time: 13.00 – 14.30
Description: In an attempt to offer an ultimate tool for uniting curricular requirements, skills development and the experience of student involvement, this workshop will introduce, describe and analyze the project method with a view to providing assistance in the design of course contents that fit any curriculum. During the workshop the presenter’s and the participants’ previous personal experience will also be shared. The overall aim of the workshop is to familiarize participants with the project method and to present an extensive use of this method. The workshop will provide a thought-provoking experience for attendees, which can result in further collaboration among the participants. The project method, which may have been used or is currently used by many teachers and lecturers, enables language instructors to teach ESP in a way that student involvement and skills development enhance and boost the acquisition of specialization-specific language. ESP serves as a tool for creating the end-product of the project and thus enhances active language use. In addition, the project method allows for the incorporation and improvement of several soft skills such as effective communication and presentation skills, assertiveness, self-awareness, academic writing skills, etc. In order to facilitate the creation of a colorful course design that can integrate the original elements of any curriculum and concurrently arouse students’ curiosity, this workshop will acquaint participants with the diverse uses and flexibility of the project method. In order to understand how to find a relevant end-product of the semester-long project to fit the needs of the course contents both from the students’ and from the course designers’/teachers’ point of view, participants will take part in group discussions and will try out activities. Besides, attendees will be invited to share their previous experience as well as to explore and initiate further ways of using the project method in teaching their own specific ESP.