Quest-based Learning: Enhancing Academic Curiosity

Monday 13 May | Tuesday 14 May | Wednesday 15 May | Thursday 16 May | Friday 17 May

Tuesday 14 May

Quest-based Learning: Enhancing Academic Curiosity,
Ms. Elizaveta Shikhova, ITMO University, Russia
Place: Room F307

Time: 13.00 – 14.30
Description: In this workshop, participants will learn how incorporating games, game design and play in the classroom can help teachers and students collaborate with each other, design solutions to problems, be constantly challenged, and take intellectual risks in order to learn deeply. The objectives are to understand the nature of quest-based learning and the scale of gaming, to identify the problems that could be solved using QBL, to debate the opportunities to convey knowledge through QBL, to identify new learner roles (learner as a player; in order to create an effective learning experience through game-based mechanics, participants will be encouraged to take part in an educational quest), to participate in a quest (participants will be guided through key tools and techniques and will be encouraged to partake in the practical and collaborative activity that will help them create dynamic, interactive quest-based learning activities while focusing on a deep exploration through design thinking and play), to analyze who’s in charge of a learning experience, to discuss the relationship between a designer and a player, to develop a story, to identify the teacher’s new role, and to create a quest-based learning activity by transforming a unit in a textbook. No prior experience with games or quest-based learning is needed, and people of all experience levels are invited to join.