BBS ProjectTour: Project-based Language Learning with Business Students

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Wednesday 15 May

BBS ProjectTour: Project-based Language Learning with Business Students,
Mr. András Kétyi, Budapest Business School, Hungary
Ms. Judit Török, Budapest Business School, Hungary

Place: Room F307

Time: 8.30 – 10.00
Description: The changing learning environment, the features of generation Z and the current labour market expectations as well pose new challenges also for language teachers: instead of frontal teaching patterns, new methods aiming the development of soft skills are needed. Since 2017 the German Section of BBS FIMB is working on the implementation of project-based language learning (PBLL). One pillar of our work is the development of teaching material, based on cooperative techniques, but project tasks are of prime importance, which similarly to real life mean a problem-solving process and involving creativity and curiosity on the part of students. The first part of the workshop aims to present the first results of a mixed research, our sample is first year-students learning Business German (n=65). In the second part, we attempt to involve the participants to solve one of our projects to demonstrate the success and limitations of PBLL approach.